2022 CCQG Officers:
President - Kelsie Mason
1st Vice President - Jeanne Meloy
2nd VP/Programs - Tammi Herbst
Secretary - Jackie Goodrich
Treasurer - Carol Coyle
Membership - Milly Burkart
Newsletter - Barb Scoggin, Barb Manders & Jane Petersen
Quilt Show - Cindy Wagner
Fundraising - (open)

2022 CCQG Committees
Show & Tell - Jeanne Meloy
Web Master - Tammie Gassman
Community Service - Peggy Weber
Bus Trips - Joan Oberfoell
Retreat Coordinator - Paula Wade
Quilt Of Valor IA - Cyndy Billmeyer
Facebook Administrator - Paula Wade
Tech ED - (open)
PHD Club - Stephany Schwartz
Stitches of Love - Jane Petersen

2022 Board meetings (meets the 4th Monday of every month, but not December): Board Meetings are held at Holy Trinity Church in Dubuque, Iowa.